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GalleryVault mod Apk Free Download [Latest Version] 2024

GalleryVault mod Apk Free Download [Latest Version] 2024

Introduction GalleryVault mod Apk

GalleryVault mod Apk devices that provides a secure vault for your photos, videos, and other files. It allows you to hide these files from your phone’s default gallery and other apps, keeping them private and inaccessible to anyone who uses your device without your permission.

Here are some key features of GalleryVault Apk for Android:

  • Vaulting: Lock any photos, videos, documents, contacts, and other files behind a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint lock.
  • Disguise: Disguise the app itself as a calculator app, adding an extra layer of protection.
  • Fake Password: Set up a fake password that opens a decoy vault with harmless files, protecting your real hidden content from intruders.
  • Break-in Alerts: Receive notifications if someone tries to break into your vault with the wrong password.
  • Intruder Photos: Capture photos of anyone who tries to access your vault with the wrong password, helping you identify potential intruders.
  • Cloud Backup: Securely back up your hidden files to the cloud for extra protection against data loss.
  • Incognito Browser: Browse the web privately within the app, keeping your browsing history and downloaded files hidden.
  • Video Player and Music Player: Play hidden videos and music within the app without exposing them in your device’s default media players.


Benefits of using GalleryVault mod Apk

  • Peace of mind: Knowing your sensitive files are safely hidden gives you peace of mind and protects your privacy.
  • Prevent accidental exposure: Avoid accidental sharing of private photos or videos through leaked notifications or mistaken taps.
  • Protect from unwanted access: Keep your files safe from prying eyes, especially when lending your device to others.
  • Extra layer of security: The app’s additional features like break-in alerts and fake passwords further enhance security.

Important Disclaimers:

  • Downloading and using GalleryVault Apk from third-party sources can be risky, as it might contain malware or viruses.
  • Using the app for illegal purposes or violating the terms of service of any platform is prohibited.
  • While apps like GalleryVault can offer protection, it’s essential to be mindful of online safety practices and exercise caution when sharing sensitive information.

Alternatives to GalleryVault mod Apk 

  • Secure Folder by Samsung
  • AppLock by DoMobile
  • Hide it Pro
  • Calculator Vault

Remember, prioritizing safety and security is crucial when dealing with sensitive data. Choose reputable sources for downloading apps, use strong passwords, and be aware of potential risks associated with any security app.


GalleryVault Apk has come a long way since its initial release, navigating updates, controversies, and continued evolution:

Early 2010s:

  • Emergence: GalleryVault emerged in the early 2010s, coinciding with the rise of smartphones and increased concerns about mobile privacy.
  • Basic functionalities: Initial versions focused on core features like hiding photos and videos using passwords or patterns.
  • Limited availability: Distribution primarily occurred through third-party app stores, raising concerns about security and authenticity.


  • Feature expansion: Developers introduced features like decoy vaults, break-in alerts, and cloud backup, enhancing security and user experience.
  • Popularity surge: The app gained significant traction as mobile privacy awareness grew, leading to millions of downloads worldwide.
  • Controversies: Concerns arose regarding battery drain, adware integration, and potential data breaches, prompting developers to address and improve app stability.

Late 2010s to Present:

  • Refined focus: Focus shifted towards user experience and security enhancements, with streamlined UI, bug fixes, and improved encryption protocols.
  • Diversification: Additional features like incognito browsing, video player, and music player expanded the app’s functionality beyond simple file hiding.
  • Competition: More secure and feature-rich vault apps emerged, creating a competitive landscape for GalleryVault to adapt and evolve.

Future of GalleryVault mod Apk

  • AI integration: Potential integration of AI for automatic file categorization and enhanced security measures.
  • Cloud storage expansion: Secure and seamless cloud storage solutions with improved accessibility and flexibility.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: Development of versions for other platforms like iOS and desktops for a wider user base.

However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that downloading GalleryVault Apk from third-party sources often carries security risks. Always trust verified app stores and exercise caution when using any app involving sensitive data.

 GalleryVault mod Apk A Feature Tour

GalleryVault Apk packs a punch when it comes to protecting your personal files on your Android device. Let’s dive into its key features:

Core Encryption:

  • Hide Photos & Videos: Lock away your precious photos and videos behind a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint lock. Kiss prying eyes goodbye!
  • Secure Other Files: Don’t stop at photos! Documents, contacts, audios, and more can find refuge in the vault.

Enhanced Security:

  • Disguise the App: Ditch the vault symbol! Masquerade GalleryVault as a calculator app, adding an extra layer of secrecy.
  • Fake Password: Set up a decoy vault with harmless files for those nosy fingers. Your real secret stash remains untouched.
  • Break-in Alerts: Get notified if someone tries to crack your vault with the wrong password. Stay vigilant against intruders!
  • Intruder Photos: Capture photos of anyone who attempts to break in, identifying potential culprits with a click.

Gallery security

Extra Convenience:

  • Cloud Backup: Breathe easy knowing your hidden files are securely backed up to the cloud. Data loss? Who cares?
  • Incognito Browser: Browse the web privately within the app, leaving no trace of your digital wanderings. Downloads? Hidden too!
  • Video Player & Music Player: Watch hidden videos and listen to hidden music without exposing them to your device’s default players. Keep it discreet!

Advanced Features (Paid version):

  • Shake to Close: A quick shake is all it takes to shut down the app and hide your vault in a flash. Panic mode activate!
  • Time Lock: Schedule specific times when your vault is accessible, adding an extra layer of control.
  • Wi-Fi Transfer: Seamlessly transfer files between your device and computer directly through Wi-Fi without needing cables.


  • Downloading GalleryVault Apk from third-party sources is risky. Stick to verified app stores like Google Play Store.
  • Using the app for illegal purposes or violating platform terms of service is a big no-no.
  • Prioritize responsible app usage and exercise caution with any app handling sensitive data.

GalleryVault Apk offers a robust set of features to keep your personal files safe and hidden. Choose wisely, download safely, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your most private moments are secure.

GalleryVault Apk: Troubleshooting Common Issues:

While GalleryVault Apk boasts impressive features, it’s not immune to issues. Here are three common problems users encounter and potential solutions:

GalleryVault Apk: Troubleshooting Common Issues

1. Battery Drain:

  • Cause: Background processes, notification alerts, and frequent vault access can drain battery.
  • Solution:
    • Disable unnecessary features like break-in alerts and intruder photos.
    • Limit vault access frequency.
    • Close the app completely when not in use.
    • Update the app to the latest version for improved battery management.

2. Files Disappear/Can’t be Found:

  • Cause: Accidental deletion, corrupt storage, or app malfunction can cause files to vanish.
  • Solution:
    • Check the “Recently Deleted” folder within the app.
    • If not there, try accessing your cloud backup (if you have one).
    • Reinstall the app (make sure you have proper backups before doing this).
    • Contact GalleryVault support for further assistance.

3. Unable to Unlock Vault:

  • Cause: Forgotten password, pattern mismatch, or fingerprint sensor issues can lock you out.
  • Solution:
    • Try all possible pin/pattern combinations you remember.
    • If you have a recovery question set up, answer it to regain access.
    • Use the fingerprint sensor if enabled and configured correctly.
    • As a last resort, uninstall and reinstall the app (remember, this will erase all hidden files if you don’t have a backup).

Additional Tips:

  • Keep the app updated to benefit from bug fixes and security improvements.
  • Avoid downloading the app from unverified sources to minimize malware risks.
  • Always have a backup of your hidden files, ideally in the cloud, for extra protection against data loss.

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